Where can I buy a Snuffle Mat?

You can purchase a Snuffle Mat from Fur Legged Family. When you purchase from Fur Legged Family, 20% of the purchase price is donated to Rescue Centers across Australia to help homeless pets find their forever homes.

Beware of cheap imitations! Fur Legged Family Snuffle Mats are made using thick, high quality industrial rubber matting and long, thick strands of high quality fleece which are double knotted to the rubber. Cheaper Snuffle mats use thinner rubber and short strands of fleece. The thicker and heavier the mat, the longer it will last and the more enjoyment for your pet.


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Reduce anxiety when leaving your pet

If you have an anxious dog who makes you feel guilty, becomes distressed or even destructive when you leave them at home alone, use a Snuffle Mat to distract them and turn an otherwise stressful experience into a positive one.

We have a 12 year old Spoodle who can no longer run with our younger dog, particularly on hot days. This means we have to leave Sam behind a couple of days each week and he lets us know how disappointed he is as we leave…unless we give him a Snuffler. Now we break up a couple of rice cakes and scatter them throughout Sammy’s Snuffler and he happily snuffles away as we leave…I swear he almost looks forward to us heading out!


Snuffling is fun!

Your dog will love their Snuffler (Snuffle Mat) and you will love it too. Tails wag, noses twitch and brains engage. It is so much fun to watch.


You can purchase a Snuffle Mat at https://furleggedfamily.com.au/shop/snuffler and 20% of the purchase price is donated to Rescue Centers around Australia.

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